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Security Audits

A comprehensive assessment of the code
by the top smart contract auditors,
to detect the loopholes
in your smart contract.

Penetration Testing

An extensive exercise attempting to find the vulnerabilities and system exploits was performed by an independent team of expert penetration testers.

Security Consulting

ContarctSecurity is one of the leading security consulting companies that helps you with an all-around systemic analysis to manage the security of the overall product.

About Us

Blockchain Security Audit

The ContarctSecurity security research team has extensive experience with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and other public blockchains. We have accumulated years of experience in the security of crucial modules such as P2P communication, RPC calls, cryptographic components, consensus mechanisms, and asset transactions. SlowMist is a pioneer in the field of public blockchain security architectural solutions. ContarctSecurity has publicly disclosed global security attacks such as ETH Black Valentine's Day, the VeChain Core Block Producer Security Implementation Guide, the Ontology Beidou Consensus Cluster Security Implementation Guide, and developed the EOS Block Producer Security Implementation Guide.

Types of Project

That Need Smart Contract Audit

DeFi Projects

One of the most active blockchain sectors that hold a possibility to become complex when working with different protocols. Get a holistic Smart Contract Security Audit done to attain maximum security.


dApps, behind the scenes, have some special qualities because they inherit the superpowers of their blockchain.
Get your token/dApps contract
secured to mark your funds safe.


NFTs flourish from an autonomous platform, allowing users to trade their digital assets. These platforms own the private keys of all assets on their platform, signifying the importance of uncompromised security.


Audit Reports